Best Education has been organizing summer schools since 2014 with the view of giving young people the opportunity to broaden their horizon, develop multiculturalism, and have fun whilst acquiring key study skills that improves their academics and performance in class.

The international summer programs have been running at our partner colleges for decades and designed to cover academic disciplines, vocational skills and social activities. Programs and activites that usually undertaken in our partner schools include the following:

· Literature, Literacy and Communication

· ICT, Science, Mathematics, Law, Dentistry, Business and English.

· Vocational training including Catering, T-shirt printing, Art and Design

· Excursions and sporting activities

Unique to our summer programs is that parents and guardian has the opportunity to travel with their wards.

 International Summer Programs

Our International summer programs are designed for young people between the ages of 9years to 17years. If you are looking forward to an exciting fun-filled summer holidays and an opportunity to learn, develop and enhance your academic study skills then this program is right for you.   SAT classes and University preparatory courses are also available for interested students in Sixth Form. The international summer School is held between July and August each year over a 2, 3 or 4 weeks period in the UK, USA and Canada. Visit our website for upcoming summer holiday destinations. Parents/Guardians are allowed to travel with their wards.